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A signwritten wash truck with The House & Building Wash Company branding parked outside a house under a bare tree

Our Services

The House & Building Wash Company offers a wide range of exterior cleaning services applicable to residential, body corporate, and commercial buildings.

Roof Cleaning/Treatments

Roof Washing (Instant Results)

For our instant-results roof wash, we use our standard method of soft washing. This involves firstly applying a combination of the following three cleaning agents:

  • A salt-based cleaning product that kills mould and fungi spores, thereby retarding the return of green algae and black fungi.

  • A grease-cutting citrus solution that breaks down residues such as diesel from nearby traffic, road dust, and barbecue splatter.

  • A neutral, environmentally friendly detergent that dissolves dirt and grime.

After applying the cleaning agents, we wash off the surfaces with low-pressure water in a wide, soft fan—this is known as a soft wash and is the same method we use for our standard exterior building wash. A standard roof wash involves washing the roof, gutters, and spouting, and if necessary, the downpipes are flushed out with a drain snake.

This service is suitable for corrugated iron, COLORSTEEL®, decromastic tile (before paint), concrete tile, and butynol roofs. If a home uses tank water, we will either disconnect and/or block the downpipes before starting to clean to avoid water contamination.

Due to the necessary safety precautions involved with roof cleaning, a safety harness rigging fee may apply.

Roof Treatment (Full Results Within 12 Months)

As an alternative to manual roof washing, your house may be eligible for roof treatment. For this, we spray a specially formulated product designed to kill moss, mould, and lichen onto the roof surface. Over the next 12 months, the rain, sun, and wind gradually break down and wash or blow away the dead lichen and moss, leaving the roof looking fresh and clean.

Roof treatments are suitable for corrugated iron, COLORSTEEL®, decromastic tile, pressed-metal imitation tile, concrete tile, slate tile, teracotta tile, butynol, and cedar shingle roofs. A small number (fewer than 10%) of roofs will require a booster treatment, which can be pre-booked and undertaken 12–18 months after the original treatment for a small additional cost.

Typically, a safety harness rigging fee will not apply, as we generally do not need to climb onto the roof to apply the treatment.

NOTE: Roof treatments are not suitable for homes where the water is collected from the roof for drinking (i.e., homes on tank water) due to the risk of contamination.

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