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A wash tech cleaning a wooden deck

Residential Services

House-Washing Excellence Since 1997

Although we are a small company with around 30 staff, we are the largest specialist property wash company in Auckland! Washing residential homes is where it all started, and rest assured, we've only gotten better at it. Check out our list of services, phone 0800 468 739, or email to learn what we can do for your home and get a free, no-obligation quote. Or, to give you an idea of what you might be looking at, check out the typical price ranges for washing a residential home listed below.

Exterior House Wash Price Indications

Small House or Unit:

Single-level house/unit, 2 to 3 bedrooms


75–125 square metre house (approx. 800–1350 square feet)


incl. GST

Medium House:

Single-level house, 125–200 square metres (approx. 1350–2150 square feet)


Two-level house, 100–175 square metres (approx. 1100–2000 square feet


incl. GST

Large House:

Two- or three-level 200–300 square metre house (approx. 2150–3250 square feet)


incl. GST

Extra-Large House:

Two- or three-level 300–500 square metre house (approx. 3250–5400 square feet)


incl. GST

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