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A signwritten wash truck with The House & Building Wash Company branding parked outside a house under a bare tree

Our Services

The House & Building Wash Company offers a wide range of exterior cleaning services applicable to residential, body corporate, and commercial buildings.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Hot washing and steam cleaning are a chemical-free and environmentally friendly way to have your property cleaned.

How is Hot Washing Different From Standard Cold Washing?

Our standard cold-water soft wash is an excellent way to get your property clean with minimal environmental impact. However, depending on the level of cleaning required and the location of your property, we can provide an even cleaner, greener service by way of hot washing and steam cleaning.

A wash tech in protective gear spraying a verandah railing

The heat from hot water and steam helps to loosen dirt and grime more easily than cold water and does so without the aid of any kind of cleaning agent. The heat also helps to efficiently remove grease, making it an excellent choice for cleaning carports, garage and workshop floors, and any other hard, stone-like, or concrete surfaces prone to accumulating oil and grease.

Another benefit of cleaning with heat is that the high temperature helps to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms such as mould, fungi, and algae. Furthermore, if your property is near a waterway such as a creek, lake, or pond, cleaning with heat avoids the runoff of cleaning agents into these natural waterways, ensuring that the only impact of the cleaning process is on your exterior—and that it's a positive impact!

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