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A signwritten wash truck with The House & Building Wash Company branding parked outside a house under a bare tree

Our Services

The House & Building Wash Company offers a wide range of exterior cleaning services applicable to residential, body corporate, and commercial buildings.

Gutter Protection

On properties where there are well-established trees shedding leaves and debris onto the roof, especially throughout autumn, our gutter and spouting protection foam is a great solution. The foam prevents vegetation and sludge build-up while allowing rainwater to run unhindered through gutters and downpipes.

Debris build-up inside gutters and spouting encourages the growth of plants (namely weeds), causing blocked gutters and downpipes as well as rust in metal gutters and spouting.

Replacing rusted spouting is costly enough, but blocked downpipes can lead to flooding and water damage inside your home, which may result in considerable costs for replacement, repair, and clean-up. We believe that prevention is always better than a cure, so be sure to give us a call to keep your gutters in check!

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