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Environmental Policy

At The House & Building Wash Company, we're committed to environmental responsibility. Cleaning buildings should not be at the expense of dirtying the environment, and so we're continually looking for more ways to minimise our environmental impact and contribute positively to keeping the environment clean, green, and healthy for future generations.

Some of our environmentally friendly initiatives include:

  • The use of low-impact cleaning agents: To perform our cleans, we use a combination of three products—a salt-based product (the same one used to clean drinking water), a citrus-based solution, and a neutral, environmentally friendly detergent.

  • Reducing runoff and preventing pollution: As part of our cleaning process, we take extra steps to ensure that runoff doesn't enter stormwater drains or nearby natural waterways such as creeks, lakes, and ponds. 

  • Complying with New Zealand Health, Safety, and Environmental Legislation.

  • Providing the option for product-free cleaning: By way of our hot washing and steam cleaning services, eligible properties may be cleaned with nothing but water.

  • Minimising emissions: We ensure that our fleet of wash trucks are always kept in tip-top shape and optimise our technicians' routes between cleans and within areas to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Striving for improvement: We are constantly on the lookout for new ways in which to improve and intensify our efforts to leave the environment as clean as the buildings we wash!

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