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A signwritten wash truck with The House & Building Wash Company branding parked outside a house under a bare tree

Our Services

The House & Building Wash Company offers a wide range of exterior cleaning services applicable to residential, body corporate, and commercial buildings.

Exterior Spider Treatments

Our spider treatments involve treating exterior surfaces with Bestseller® 100EC insecticide, which has a very fast spider knockdown and kill rate. Guaranteed to last for six months, this insecticide has no detectable odour, low toxicity, and is non-staining and leaves no visible residue on walls.

As both a cleaning company and a pest control service, we complete an exterior house wash or dry brush to remove any cobwebs prior to all spider treatments and carry out an exterior glass clean afterwards to ensure that no residue is left behind on glass surfaces such as windows.

Our Technicians are Certified!

Under New Zealand law, all pest control technicians using controlled substances are required to hold the necessary certifications, engage in ongoing training, and be using the appropriate protective equipment. Companies or technicians found to be applying controlled pest eradication substances without appropriate certification may face a hefty fine or other legal repercussions. Furthermore, if damage occurs to your property from a non-certified technician, insurance companies may decide not to cover the damage.

When booking a spider treatment with us, however, you can rest assured that the treatment is being performed by trained, certified professionals with the necessary training, qualifications, and equipment. 

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