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Exterior house washing

The photo below, of a typical Epsom villa, shows how we reach higher areas of homes. The photo below that shows the wide fan of water on the end of the wand nozzle. The wide fan ensures a soft wash, and when we combine it with our cleaning agents (which do the most of the hard work), the result is a very gentle clean of your home's exterior.

The spray is so soft that you can safely run your hand in front of the water, quite unlike pressure washing or water blasting.

pine deck before/AFTER cleaning

This pine timber deck's colour has been restored by our cleaning proceedure. We typically only recommend cleaning timber decks if they have blackened to remove the slip factor and slow down rot with our mould-inhibititing cleaning agents.

If your timber deck is silver with no black mould, it's fine to leave it how it is unless selling your home, the transformation can be quite impressive as seen in the below photo.


The old pine fence below was given a new lease on life by our technician. We get real satisfaction from transforming old to new!

Exterior house washing Before and after photo

Even less obvious painted surfaces such as under this deck are given a new shine!


The two roofs below were desperately in need of our services.

We get real satisfaction out of transforming your home!