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"This company was recommended to me by a friend and they definitely lived up to their good reputation. Junior did a great job of cleaning our house and fence, washing the windows and spraying the roof and deck for lichen and mould. He was careful and methodical, well organised, and put in 110% effort and energy to get everything as clean as possible. He was friendly as well as capable, and was a real pleasure to work with. The admin of the job was also handled well, with clear information given from the outset and good communication throughout all the Covid lockdown problems."

- Rigel, October 2021 (via NoCowboys)

"Fantastic job.
House looks a million bucks.
Well priced and great attention to detail.
Highly rate this company."

- Dallas Piper, October 2021 (via Google Reviews)

"Following a recommendation that they were reasonably priced, I got The House & Building Wash Company to clean both our front and back decks of my house and my parents'. All decks came up better than I expected and they did all the stairs etc too. We are now just waiting for a good window of sunshine so we can re-oil them! I would use them again if the decks get a little slippery/mossy."

- Kelda Bindel, August 2021 (via Google Reviews)

"We had our whole house including the roof, decks and gutters cleaned today and are very happy with the result. The whole experience was positive and the operator (Joe) was punctual, thorough and very friendly and polite. We have used this company before and will certainly do so again."

- Marnie, June 2021 (via NoCowboys)

"Superb result! I have used these guys several times now, and they always do a fantastic job. I made the mistake of going elsewhere for a TreatMe special - never again!! The House & Building Wash Company will be the only ones I ever choose again. Thanks guys!"

- Nicky Young, May 2020 (via Google Reviews)

"I am very happy with the result of having the exterior of my house washed and the windows cleaned. I am also very happy with the response of the person who came to clean my house regarding all questions put to him and answers received. He was polite and helpful.Thank you."

- Michael Rhodes, March 2020 (via Google Reviews)

"A regular for 10 years. Always been highly impressed by their excellent communication, customer service & professionalism from the office crew to technicians. Last Thursday, they washed some outdoor areas. They were extremely hard working & such a courteous technician. Highly recommend the team. They are the best!"

- Anna Cooms, January 2020 (via Google Reviews)

"They did a really good job, were totally professional from initial engagement to the post care follow up. The products they used were environmentally & pet friendly the place didn’t smell of chemicals afterwards. The guy was really careful with the garden. FYI: he told me that it’s really good for treating deck drains and other water removal systems particularly if you have a place with concealed drains. I’m not going to try anyone else after terrible experiences, I've found my preferred supplier and I’m sticking with them. A tradie is easy to find, a great tradie is almost impossible. This ones’a keeper."

- Craig, January 2020 (via NoCowboys)

"Awesome, these guys did a great job. First time used them and for once the reviews matched the performance. Last company I used water came in everywhere due to old windows. This time hardly any! They were respectful, considerate and thoughtful. Thank you!"

- Robyn Stewart, December 2019 (via Google Reviews)

"OUTSTANDING service from this family run business! Great communication, price and result. Easily recommend to anyone who has any house / building wash required."

- Raewyn Jackson, August 2019 (via Google Reviews)

"Earlier this week I The House and Building Wash Company to clean the outside of our home.

They turned up on Tuesday with two trucks filled with bore water. (We have a water shortage in our city so unless you have recycled or bore water you aren't allowed to use a hose to wash your car, do water blasting, clean the outside of your home etc.)

They also had some remarkable gear to wash and clean our house. I particularly liked the climbing frames they used that wrapped around poles, had adjustable legs and allowed their team to go all over the outside of our house quickly and safely. There were two people doing the job and they were all finished in around 4 hours.

The house looked like new again. In fact the paint (which is now over 12 years old) looked like new as well. Best of all (from my wife's viewpoint) is that the house has been sprayed for spiders so we will have no more spider webs for at least six months.

I've cleaned the outside of my house myself in the past and it's never looked as good as it did this week. It also used to take me over three full days of my time to do it and it was both physically demanding and even dangerous because of the height of our house.

What I really liked about what this business did was the extra stuff that I hadn't asked for. I had requested one deck to be cleaned at the back of the house. They cleaned that and also treated it for mold as well. But then they cleaned two other decks that were dirty at no charge. One of the team also asked me if I would like him to clean some weeds that had grown up in our gutters. And 10 minutes later that was all done. Again at no charge.

The house still looks amazing a few days later and I can't believe I spent so many years trying to do the same job myself and not doing it very well. "

- Graham McGregor, July 2020

"About a month ago, we contacted your company to perform a full house wash and window clean after viewing your website on the internet (using Google NZ search). We were preparing our house for sale due to our pending relocation to the Gold Coast, Australia.

I am compelled to write this letter because we were absolutely delighted with the results ! Your 2-person team of house washers arrived early at our house keen and enthusiastic to start the job at hand. I left them to the job.

When I came home from work that afternoon, I was absolutely stunned at how sparkling clean the exterior of the house looked. My wife had exactly the same reaction when she arrived home. We'd not seen our house so clean; it was an absolutely terrific result.

Our house was on the market for only 5 days before it was sold unconditionally. Your house washing service contributed greatly to the marketability of the house, providing fantastic value for money. If I was to stay in New Zealand, I'd have no hesitation in using your house washing service every year.

I have happily left your business card with my work colleagues, along with my enthusiastic comments. Many thanks for the great service and I wish you all the best for your continued success in the future."

- Colin S. Young

"Thanks for organising the Saturday work, your operator made the best job I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect, he didn't miss anything, beautifully done, very quick, he didn't stop. Just fantastic!

You couldn't be any luckier to have somebody like that, it's one thing to be a manager (as I well know) but if you haven't got good staff you haven't got a business. Your operator is definitely good staff. I wish you all the best for the future and I won't be dealing with anyone else except The HouseWash Company because of the work done yesterday and the way you handled it. Thank you both very much!"

- John Gardener (via Voicemail)

"Just called to say what a fantastic job your two operators did yesterday. They worked so well together that they came across as being good friends!! Very friendly lads, delightful to have around, worked very hard and both boys are definitely an asset to the company."

- Heather Corporal (via Voicemail

"Your operator was great to deal with, great guy, great job and represented the company in an excellent manner, followed through with the exact service you sold to us."

- Penny Doggett

"Just want to say.. Had one of your guys clean our house last week, he did a fantastic job ! Far surpassed any other house wash company we have previously used, he was efficient, polite and left not one drop of water inside our wooden joinery windows. When I arrived home the only evidence of him being there was our clean house ! Thanks again House Wash company .. Will certainly recommend you to our Remuera neighbours !"

- Miriam Terveen