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Our History


In November 1997, we (Mark & Leonie) decided to start a business of our own. Mark had worked for the previous 10 years in the computer industry and was off work recuperating from a broken leg from playing rugby whilst I (Leonie) was busy bringing up our two children (now four). 


Using our last $700 to buy a rusty Datsun Ute, we loaned money off Mark's dad and purchased other much needed equipment.

We initially named our business "The HouseWash Company" and focused on the residential market, wishing to become known as THE House Wash specialists. We then went forth to conquer the world of Exterior Washing!


Mark hobbled around and cleaned all the houses while I handled the paper work and client contact.

As we grew and hired operators, we devised methods of providing consistent, high quality, cleaning services (apart from hiring the best people we could afford and training them up with our methods).

We randomly surveyed our clients and asked them to gauge the job we had completed for them. The operators were rewarded on the results of these surveys. Needless to say our operators were very interested to make sure our clients were indeed delighted!

Our "one man band" business started operating out of a single garage below our family home in Massey without heating or seating in 1997. We moved home as the family grew and eventually moved the business to rented offices in 2009 using a 12 metre shipping container for maintenance.

We finally moved into our own factory and offices in June 2015. We were pretty excited for our business to finally have a "real" base of operation. Mark has always stated we didn't have a real business until we purchased our own offices and factory!

We have a full time mechanic and panel beater who build and modify our Power Wash equipment necessary for the work along with maintaining our fleet of 15 property wash vehicles.


A large part of our growth has come from referral work, i.e. clients who refer us to their friends, neighbours and work colleagues. In some streets we are cleaning every third house due to this word of mouth endorsement. Exterior Body Corporate Apartment cleaning grew after the first 5 years with Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning kicking in after about 10 years in operation.

Twenty Two years and sixty thousand property cleans later we have grown into a multi million dollar turnover business, with a staff of 25 and Technicains covering all of greater Auckland.

In 2014 after prolonged debate we decided on a name change from "The HouseWash Company Ltd" to "The House & Building Wash Company Ltd" so that prospective clients understood we handle more than just House Washing. All else in the business remains the same.


 Our business is simple and so are our rules:-


  1. Aim to have every client for life. Repeat business is our life blood. When our clients move property we want them to take us with them.
  2. Specalise and be the best at what we do, which is Exterior Property Washing!
  3. Only hire employees (NOT contractors) train them well and pay incentives for high quality work.

Our guarantee is unique "If you are not completely delighted with our cleaning service we will pay for a competitor of your choice to re-clean it!


We are proud to announce we have grown to become the largest Specialist Property Wash company in Auckland! 


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Why choose us? 




We are the only company in the industry to guarantee "lf you are not completely delighted with our cleaning service we will pay for a competitor of your choice to re-clean it!".

We clean buildings and homes which are categorised by the Historic Places Trust as "historically protected".  We have the experience to clean your home with care.

We are NOT a franchise but are a 100% kiwi owned, family run business. The buck stops with Mark & Leonie, not some faceless corporate head office.

We have been operating for 22 years and our business continues to grow by double percentage points each year. This has only been achieved by providing consistent, high quality service.
 Last year 78% of our business was either repeat or referral work. You can be assured we want to make sure you will call us back again.

Even though we are a small family business with a staff of 25 we are in fact the largest "Specialist" Property Wash company in Auckland and cleaned our 60,000th property earlier this year. We have the experience to do it right the first time.

We carry five million dollars worth of public liability insurance. We are fully insured for your peace of mind so relax, sit back and leave it to the professionals.



Our guarantee is unique "If you are not completely delighted with our cleaning service we will pay for a competitor of your choice to re-clean it!