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What is included in the standard Exterior property Wash?

Our standard Exterior Property Wash is from the outside gutters to the ground level including exterior walls, gutters/spouting, downpipes, eaves/soffits, entrance alcoves and joinery. It does NOT include the roof or any attached raw (unpainted) timber decks. All of these areas can be cleaned but are priced separately.

Will Pressure washing damage my paint?

Yes, if that is all you are doing. First we apply a mixture of three cleaning products including a salt based cleaning agent to kill mould and algae spores,  a citrus cleaner to cut through diesel fumes and BBQ splatter then a neutral detergent to break down dirt and grime. After the three cleaning agents are applied we soft wash your property with a modified water blaster unit (our latest rig modified in our own factory cost upwards of $65,000 to build).

Each pressure wash rig has been purpose built/modified in our factory and amongst other modifications had special wide nozzles fitted to the end of the wands which enables water to cascade into a soft fan shape. It's gentle enough to run your hand in front of the wand. We clean Historically Protected properties in some of Auckland's older suburbs like Remuera, Parnell, Ponsonby and Onehunga annually to keep them in pristine condition. Imagine what we can do with your property!

Will the cleaning products affect my plants, pets or me?

No, not at the dilution ratio we use. The salt based cleaning agent we use is also put into our drinking water in the dams to reduce algae (we both drink it already). The product turns back to salt after about 8 hours in the sunlight. We promise to leave your plants in the same lovely condition we find them in.

We have clients whose properties are on the Epsom, Albany and Parnell garden trails and we clean their properties annually. FYI These garden trails are where garden enthusiasts visit large and beautiful gardens via tour bus each spring.

Will my paint really last longer if I wash my property regularly?

Yes. But of course we are biased. So why don't you ask someone who isn't? Ring your local paint manufacturer and ask them. Most paint companies claim if you wash the paint on your home once a year you will increase the paints life expectancy 20-25%. It's definitely cheaper to wash regularly than repaint! In fact interestingly many roofing companies will not honour their products warranty unless you have the surface regularly cleaned or treated.

Is it really better to clean my property in the winter?

Yes. Most people are unaware that if we clean a property after it has rained steadily for some time (i.e. in winter time) the rain and moisture soften the grime and dirt, which means we can provide an "extra soft wash" which is even gentler on paint. A bit like soaking a fry pan before putting it into the dishwasher.