Water Issues

Great News:  The House & Building Wash Company CAN still wash the exterior of your property using bore water! 

We have kicked Covid-19 to the curb and despite Auckland’s water restrictions You can still use ALL of our usual services along with some new ones whilst staying guilt free.

We are not using any water from Auckland’s precious dam water supply! 

- We have acquired our own Water Tanker Trucks so we will bring all our own Watercare approved bore water to your place at no extra charge to wash the exterior of your property. 

- We are now offering waterless gutter cleaning services, as we have designed and built specialised commercial vacuum cleaners for this purpose.

- We are set up for clearing blocked drains, if your drains become blocked, we can now provide this essential sanitary service. 

- We are still able to use your water if we are cleaning for Health & Safety reasons. Say for example you have a slippery deck, steps or paths which are dangerous, well we can still clean it with your water

- When we come to clean your property, we will put out signs so the neighbours know that the water we are using is NOT from the dams, so we are NOT using drinkable water. 

GUILT-FREE cleaning with The House & Building wash Company