Pre-Paint Cleaning

Exterior areas are Pressure Washed 

First we apply a combination of the following three cleaning agents to the desired surfaces:

  1. pre_paint_wash.jpgA salt based cleaning agent which removes mould and fungus along with killing mould spores, thereby retarding the return of green algae and black fungus.
  2. A grease cutting citrus solution which breaks down diesel fumes from buses/trucks along with road dust and BBQ splatter.
  3. An environmentally friendly neutral detergent which dissolves general dirt and grime.


After we applying the three cleaning agents we wash off the same surfaces with medium to high pressure water: Pre-paint Cleaning or Pressure Washing. All exterior glass is flushed off with fresh water to remove residue. We do not refer to this glass flush down as window cleaning proper: See Window Cleaning Services.


Older timber window and door frames (joinery typically found on villa's & bungalos) have a tendency to leak even when soft washed washed, so we hand clean around timber joinery with a soft brush and hose. Just to make certain we avoid any water egrees we recommend you put old towels down on the inside sills to minimise potential leakage. This is not necessary for aluminium joinery.

This process is the same as our standard exterior House and Roof Washing services except we typically use higher pressure to remove as much flaky paint as possible/practical.

NOTE: High pressure cannot be used around timber door & window frames due to potential leakage, these areas are cleaned by hand with a soft brush and hose. A PRE-PAINT clean does not eliminate the need for scraping and sanding but assists with providing a clean, dust, algae and fungus free surface to work with.

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