Exterior Spider Treatments

spider_control.jpgExterior surfaces are treated with a MAF approved formulation, which has a very fast spider knockdown and kill rate. Guaranteed to last up to six months, it is biodegradable, has no odour, low toxicity, is non-staining and leaves no visible residue on walls.

As we are both a cleaning company AND a pest control company we always carry out an exterior glass clean with all spider treatments to ensure no residue is visible on glass.

If you are choosing a pest control company to do work around your property make sure the operator has one of these certificates.
By law all pest control applicators using controlled substances are required to have the necessary certification, ongoing training and be using the appropriate protective equipment. 
None certification is punishable by a $50,000 fine for the operator. Under the HASNO & HWS acts of parliament (current law) companies/applicators found applying controlled pest eradication substances without appropriate certification can face a fine of up to $3 million and 5 years in prison.
Additionally if damage occurs on your property and the applicator is not certified your insurance company may decide NOT to cover the damage. Much the same as having electrical work undertaken from a non-qualified electrician, if your property burns to the ground due to faulty wiring the insurance company won't cover your loss.

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