*WE GUARANTEE: "If you are not completely delighted with our cleaning service we will pay for a competitor of your choice to re-clean it!"

Mark & Leonie

      Mark & Leonie  

Exterior House Washing

All exterior walls are Soft Washed from gutter to ground level including exterior gutters/spouting/downpipes, eaves/soffits, entrance alcoves and joinery.

First we apply a combination of the following three cleaning agents to the desired surfaces:

  1. A salt based cleaning agent which removes mould and fungus along with killing mould spores, thereby retarding the return of green algae and black fungus.
  2. A grease cutting citrus solution which breaks down diesel fumes from buses/trucks along with road dust.
  3. An environmentally friendly neutral detergent which dissolves general dirt and grime.

We then wash off the same surfaces with LOW pressure water: Soft Wash. All exterior glass is flushed off with fresh water to remove residue. We do not refer to this glass flush down as a proper window clean: See Window Cleaning Services.
Old timber windows and doors frames (joinery) have a tendency to leak when washed, so we hand clean around the joinery with a soft brush and hose and recommend putting old towels down on the inside sills to minimise potential leakage. This is not necessary for aluminium joinery.
NOTE: The roof of the house can be cleaned but is NOT included with our standard Exterior House Wash:  See Roof Cleaning Services and inside roof gutters are also quoted separately: See Gutter Cleaning Services.

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